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Services Offered

List of services I offer to the public for booking. If you'd like to request for more than one service send me an inquiry for bundle pricing.

Birth chart Reading

Birth Chart Reading


A detailed reading of your natal birth chart. This is one of my favorite services to offer because of how much it can help just by having the knowledge of how many planets makeup who YOU are and how IMPORTANT your existence is in the world.

Knowing and understanding your birth chart helps with:


  • Having an appreciation of yourself on a deeper level

  • Self-awareness, perspective, and enlightenment

  • Single out the best options for career paths based on your planet placements

  • Identifying key strengths that can push you toward your goals

  • Understanding & overcoming life challenges in a way that is unique to you

  • Learning how astrology affects your physical body to prevent injury and illness

  • Providing insight & ideas for healthy coping strategies for physical & mental health

And much more!​

Relationship Reading

Synastry & Composite Readings


yearly Transit Reading

Yearly Readings


This service includes: Yearly transit readings, profection year readings, progressed yearly readings, Solar return readings, and yearly retrograde readings.

Yearly transit reading - 

Profection year reading - 

Progressed yearly reading - 

Solar return reading - 

Yearly retrograde reading - 

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