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Welcome to Celestial Tea (Tarot & Astrology)

Hey yo, and welcome to the creation I've been working so diligently at. I'm very excited and proud to be able to launch this site with service bookings and a blog, so I can continue to share the knowledge that I've acquired and continue to about spirituality, tarot, astrology, and a lot more.

I want to start by saying I appreciate each of you beautiful people who helped get me here. Those who have decided to come to take a look at this site, those who asked me for tarot reads and allowed me to read their chart for practice, and those who have been encouraging me with feedback, motivation, and inspiration. I cannot thank you enough, and I love each one of you.

With that being said, I'm excited to finally use my passion for helping people in a way that is almost natural for me. I started this venture to give clarity, peace, understanding, empathy, and perspective. I've always been into astrology, but I didn't fully begin learning in-depth, taking training courses, and knowing about/following transits until I got into tarot three years ago.

My love for tarot and astrology is evenly matched; however, tarot has genuinely helped transform me, my mindset, and my universal faith. I understand the stigma and dogma that comes with even talking about tarot, let alone practicing it. Trust me, as an African American woman brought up in the church, I am VERY aware of the fearmongering surrounding these subjects. That is part of the reason I feel called to help others understand it, especially in the black community.

I can genuinely say I've been there. I was and still am the black sheep of my family. My grandmother still calls the amethyst or any other crystal or gemstone I wear around my neck a "crack rock." She also asks me if I can teach her how to smoke it 😂🤦🏽‍♀️

We can laugh all day about it, but the only way to fix this issue of fearmongering and ignorance is through education. Luckily for you, I feel I've been placed here in this earthly realm to do just that. So kick back and learn with me. What I share is always accessible whether or not you book a service. If you choose to, I have the launch day promo going on until April 1st. You get 50% off all the services available in the first three months when you buy one of the two monthly memberships. If you refer someone, you get an additional month for each person you refer that also signs up for the membership.

Until next time ~

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