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Celestial Tea is on Youtube!

Y'all I'm excited to announce that I finally have a youtube channel to upload my videos to!

I don't think you realize how pumped I am. I'm defying personal standards and ways of thinking by leaving the comfort zone that I loved so much. It has been rough, full of cringe, but also full of patience, and laughter.

Seeing myself from a different perspective has been an eye-opening experience. I can't wait to record more videos for you all though. I'm really excited to start putting my tarot reads and my deck introduction video up for you all to meet the decks I do my tarot reads with.

A special thank you to those of you that come from my Snapchat, I appreciate you most of all because you inspired me to create this and HERE YOU ARE!

I will be posting my shorter videos to youtube shorts because they at least can be stored and you can go back to watch them. It also allows me to make more of them to spam youtube rather than spam your Snap notifications (😅 my bad.)

Here is the first video, it's just a quick introduction to Celestial Tea, what it's about, why I created it, and what you can expect from continuing to follow the Tea 🍵 .

I hope that I continue to see you all engaged with these videos and blog posts because they are going to be happening more frequently. I'm thinking of videos once a week depending on big tarot and astrology events happening and a few written blog posts or Youtube shorts throughout the week.

As always I'm wide open to genuine recommendations on how I can improve the information and knowledge I'm giving to you as you receive it. If something ever doesn't make sense or needs further explanation I am all for coming back to explain it better!

May you be divinely loved, guided, protected, and supported ✨

Until next time ~

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