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Blessed Ostara 🌸

Blessed Ostara, everyone!

Ostara is a Wiccan/pagan celebration of the spring equinox when the Earth is coming to life from the sun's light. It also marks the new year in astrology, starting Aries season. Also, we have an Aries new moon tomorrow. Prepare to either be drained of energy completely or have more energy than you know what to do with. Make sure you rest if you need it or get some stimulation to release the excess.

The planetary energy shift has been interesting, to say the least. March has a big month astrologically for many reasons.

Currently: Saturn shifted into Pisces on the 7th, starting a Saturn return for many. Venus just transited into Taurus on the 16th, asking us to prioritize our needs and our self-care; Mercury moved into Aries on the 18th, calling us to keep it a whole 1000. We have the sun shifting into Aries today, plus a new moon in Aries on the 21st (making an Aries stellium with Sun, moon, Mercury, Jupiter, and Chiron). Pluto is making its much-anticipated transit into Aquarius on the 23rd, which is going to be a slow but welcomed change for society (IMO), and lastly, mars will finally be out of overactive Gemini and in passive-aggressive Cancer (cancer is debilitated in mars, so not much better). 😬

With the celebration of the astrological new year, this is the prime time to be manifesting everything that you’ve been wanting. Set your intentions in a few ways: - speaking them out loud to yourself *look in the mirror for an extra positive boost* - write them down *write a letter to yourself in the future praising & thanking yourself for all you’ve done and are going to do*.

If you like to journal, do a springtime prompt such as ‘where do I want to grow, how do I want to grow, what seeds can I plant now to aid me later? I can’t stress enough to make plans that line up with your intentions, manifestations, and dreams. How many times have you limited yourself subconsciously because you didn’t take the steps necessary to make it happen?

With the significant energy shifts we are having, it’s imperative that we stay patient with ourselves and others, speaking the truth with the right intention, listening to understand, and releasing our need to control. Now is not the time to hold on to something until your fingers bleed. Clean out and make room for all the blessings to come.

Wishing for you all to stay divinely blessed, loved, protected, supported, and guided.

Until next time ~

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