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"Thee" Celestial

I'm Sara, a tropical astrologer & professional tarot reader. What I like to focus on with my practice of tarot and astrology is self-improvement, self-awareness, managing everyday life stressors, growth & mindfulness. I've been able to help myself and those close to me using tarot and astrology. It's my mission and passion to cultivate a patient, healing, and loving environment for others to learn, understand, practice, and study astrology and tarot.

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My Story

I started using Tarot over three years ago by buying my own deck from amazon. During that time I started doing simple card pulls on myself & finding different spreads on Pinterest. Now, I've completed multiple tarot classes, mentorships, and virtual meetings I'm making my own spreads to post to Pinterest and doing reads on family, friends, and acquaintances. I have made my own style of reading tarot to others, and it is truly a passion of mine.


I love being able to help people, when I realized  making my own that are being used and. I've been actively studying astrology, natal charts and transits for over 5 years


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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