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Come & sip the Celestial Tea

Relax and read awhile about all things occult.


This is a sacred place where all are welcome. We don't turn our noses up to anyone for any reason, and we cure ignorance with patience & education; we use our intuition with our logic, and above all, we continue to rise above all things that hold us back from our fullest potential, including ourselves and others.

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Birth / Natal Chart Reading

A detailed reading of your natal birth chart. This is one of my favorite services to offer because of how much it can help just by having the knowledge of how many planets makeup who YOU are and how IMPORTANT your existence is in the world.

Knowing and understanding your birth chart helps with:

  • Having an appreciation of yourself on a deeper level

  • Self-awareness, perspective, and enlightenment

  • Single out the best options for career paths based on your planet placements

  • Identifying key strengths that can push you toward your goals

  • Understanding & overcoming life challenges in a way that is unique to you

  • Learning how astrology affects your physical body to prevent injury and illness

  • Providing insight & ideas for healthy coping strategies for physical & mental health

And much more!​


Relationship Readings

This includes synastry and composite chart readings.

Synastry takes the birth charts of two people calculates the planetary positions of both partners and shows their aspects, house activations, and much more. This can be used for any one-on-one relationship, ie: parents, children, friends, and significant others.

Composite charts take both partners' charts and combines them together to create a whole new chart that shows the energy of the relationship. This can also be used for all one-on-one relationships.


Tarot Reading (Multiple card spread)

Tarot or oracle card reading pertaining to a particular subject or question(s). 5-10 cards will be pulled over a video call or in-person session(case-by-case basis, depending on customer location).


Yearly & Monthly Readings

Yearly readings for tarot include multiple tarot card spread with specific questions about the upcoming year's focus, what to expect, challenges, blessings, and so on.


Self-Care /  Karma  /  Relationships   /   Love  /   Marriage  /    Career  /   Health  /   Family  /   Motivation

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